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Dry Application
Aerial Spraying

  • Bring your seeds by and we can apply from 20-100 pounds of seeds to your land.
  • Dry Fertilizer 
  •   ​​Highly Efficient. We work sun up to sun down.  Fungicide, Insecticide, and liquid fertilizer. 
  •   Fast and Convenient. 120 mph application rate.  We have mobile mixing stations which allows us to relocate to various airports closer to the application site.  
  •   No damage to field. No wheel tracts mean higher yields.  The loss of yield due to wheel tracts exceeds the extra cost to spray by plane vs land rigs.
  •   Produces higher overall yields. 2022 corn crops yielded over more bushels per acre on fields we applied fungicide vs fields that were not sprayed.
  •   Increases plant health.  Please stop by and we will show you photo evidence of healthy corn leaves on experimental plots that we have sprayed. 

Aerial farmer, llc.

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